Welcome to m]x[v Capital’s newsletter. We are an early-stage venture fund investing in the future of enterprise B2B SaaS and in the tenacious founders leading the next-generation of software. We invest in ideas that are challenging legacy players, creating new categories and finding better and more efficient solutions to enterprises’ biggest problems.

Now more than ever, companies are under constant pressure from investors and stakeholders to achieve profitability at high margins. 

The rise of AI, automation, and hard tech advancements is signaling that software will be a crucial component to help companies do so. We are investing in core software solutions that we believe will increase the productivity of a company, department, and/or individual contributor by 10x and are helping them along the way as well.

We are in the trenches with our founders - helping them build their product, establish their go-to-market, hire their team, and position themselves to be market leaders. We believe in leaning in heavily with our founders as they lay the foundation for their companies.

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m]x[v Capital is providing a two-sided perspective. As an investor. As a former founder/operator. We know what it’s like to be on both sides of the table and are sharing our experience on how to VC, interesting market trends, views on movers/shakers in the market, highlights in the news, and how founders should approach building in the early days.

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